How to Find the Best Brass Punch Set for Gunsmithing?

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Gunsmithing is unarguably a demanding trade and requires a plethora of tools to accomplish any job at hand. If you are planning to become a gunsmith or are already in the trade, you know that having a large selection of punches on hand is absolutely critical to making any modifications or repairs you attempt much easier. Though gunsmithing tools might be unnecessary to the average household DIYer, it is nonetheless very useful to professional gunsmiths, hobbyists, and people who are learning how to become gunsmiths. Tools like gunsmithing punches, specialized tips, and other useful devices will be a lot more appreciated in the hands of professionals, while amateur gunsmiths will benefit from the proper use of these tools as well. 

Gunsmithing punches have to be the most important tools you can get in order to successfully repair or modify your firearm. There are many types of punches out there, ranging from steel, plastic to brass. While steel and plastic punches are perfectly good, the brass punches should be your primary go-to.

5 Main Reasons Why You Should Get Brass Punches for Your Firearms Instead of Alternatives:

  1. Strength – Brass is stronger than plastic and comparable to steel but has a lower density, which means that brass punches have a higher tensile strength than 12L14 low-carbon steel [1] [2] and, therefore, will not bend as easily as plastic or steel punches. This makes it a much more desirable material to be used in gunsmithing. 
  2. Cost – Brass punches are generally cheaper than other materials and is a great bang for your buck investment for your gunsmithing needs.
  3. Precision – Brass punches are far more precise and have a more consistent finish, which ensures that the job gets done the right way. The holes punched will be very clean and even, while plastic and steel punches may be harder to do this with. 
  4. Durability – Brass punches are far more durable than plastic or steel, especially when dealing with hard steel. These punches can also last for decades if used with care, allowing for countless re-uses over the years.
  5. Quality – Brass punches are a higher quality product that just comes out more accurate and detailed.

How to Choose the Best Brass Punch Set?

Firearms are mostly made of steel, which makes brass punches the best option during repairs and maintenance as they will not cause damage even if you apply extra force to get that stubborn pin fairly out. However, when choosing a brass punch set, you must ensure that it has all the necessary features for proper gunsmithing, such as:

Thickness – There are a variety of thicknesses of brass punches, ranging from 1/16” to 3/32”, with the former being the thinnest. Thicker brass punches are typically 7/32” to 1/4" thick and are best used on most guns. Keep in mind that brass punches come in different shapes as well, such as square and triangular.

Length – Most brass punches are available in 3-inch, 6-inch, and 12-inch variants. The longer the brass punch, the more force you can exert, but less precise the process becomes. The shorter ones are great for guns with more compact parts and often get you better accuracy. 

Design – The best brass punches are typically designed with a tapered tip, and some come with knurling or serrations on the handle to ensure a firmer grip, while others can be very smooth or knurled. The tapered tip ensures that the punch can get through any given hole cleanly and precisely. Some brass punches are made of a single piece of brass for enhanced durability and strength, while others have steel caps that serve to protect the tip and the handle. 

Finish – This refers to the finish of the brass punches and can either be fully polished or un-polished. The un-polished brass punch will be left with a brass look, while the polished ones are made with a brushed finish that appears to be silvery or bluish in color. Fully polished brass punches are also preferred by gunsmiths due to their clean look and added durability. 

Besides these critical factors, you must also consider the different types of brass punches available on the market. Each type is designed to be used for a different part of a firearm, providing effective functionality. In order to make an informed choice, it is highly important to acquaint yourself with the different types of brass punches first before you purchase one.

5 Types of Gunsmithing Punches

1. Drive Pin Punches:

Drive pin punches, as the name indicates, are more common than other variants of brass punches. In appearance, drive punches can look like solid pieces of metal with a tapered handle at the end. The shaft has a uniform diameter along its entire length and appears to be flat. They also come in different sizes and lengths, the length depending on the width and thickness of the pin you are going to punch once you have made your selection.

2. Roll Pin Drive Punches:

Roll pin drive punches are used for the removal of stubborn roll pins that are too deeply lodged into part holes. They're like standard pin drivers, with a ball designed to keep round roll pins from caving in when removing and reinserting them. Standard drive punches are simply not made to handle these tasks. Roll pin drive punches are long enough to pass through slides and frames, thus keeping them free from accumulated dirt. Brass roll pin drive punches come with sharp edges so that they can handle the pointed ends of roll pins easily.

3. Roll Pin Starter Punches:

Roll pin starter punches resembling smaller versions of the roll pin driver punches come to your aid when you attempt to remove some stubborn roll pins from your gun. As a stand-out feature, these punches boast a design that assists in holding a pin while you start punching it.

4. Solid Punches:

Solid punches, known for their distinctive spike-like design, are typically used to force pins into their respective holes. The heavy-duty roller will make sure that the pins are entered/removed appropriately without damaging the inside finish of the pinholes, making them a favorite amongst many gunsmiths.

5. Center Punches:

A center punch has an entirely different appearance from all the types of punches mentioned above. It looks like a ballpoint pen. Gunsmiths mainly use center punches to pierce the metal to mark the center of a hole. These punches have a sharp, pointed end. There is a tiny dimple right at the end of the center punch. This makes the hole on the surface of the weapon.

You must place the dimple on the surface where you want to drill the hole. If you think it is the center, hit the hammer on the punch. Gunsmiths use center punches on AR guns so that the castle nut does not loosen during firing.

Ready to start your quest and find yourself the best branch punch sets in the market? Here is the list of our two recommended products that will give a stunning performance and exceed your expectations.

1. Gaxcoo Brass Punch Set, Hammer Bench Block Kit

For anyone interested in both top-notch repair services or DIY projects alike, the 8-in-1 Gaxcoo Brass Punch Set is an ideal kit to own. A hammer, rubber bench and 8 pieces of brass punches in sizes ¼, 3/16, 5/16, 7/32, 3/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 5/32 are machined from solid brass. The hexagonal body of the set allows you to hold these punches with confidence and precision.

Also, the 7" double-sided hammer comes with a nylon head at one end and a rubber head at the other. The knurled handle provides an extra grip so you can tap the brass punches slowly and gently. Also, be sure to use a rubber block. It is made of vulcanized solid rubber to absorb the shock of the hammer hitting the brass punches.

2. Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set with Brass

Preparing for your next shooting adventure? Make sure to equip yourself with the finest-quality Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set with Brass that will make sighting adjustments like a breeze; besides, this best punch set comes with several steel punches, as well as with a brass hammer. Designed to withstand even the most rigorous use, it is manufactured to highest standards from quality materials, and each punch comes with a bright easy-to-find tip that will not mar even the most delicate of metal surfaces.

It is not only a handy set for beginners but a handy tool for veteran gunsmiths as well. The punch set is comprised of a hammer and several brass punches (1/8 to 5/16 inches). The pointed ends of the punches make hitting jammed pins easy for a quick pullout. They also come in a plastic molder case that you can take pretty much anywhere you want.


With so many varying types of brass punches already available in the market, it is important to choose one that would have the best compatibility with your gun, while being easy to use and durable. The brass punches featured in this article are well-suited for gunsmithing, especially the best punch set from Gaxcoo, which is a versatile, full-service kit designed to provide value to both beginners and experienced gunsmiths.

It is incredibly lightweight and very easy to store in a convenient case. Besides, Gaxcoo Brass Punch Set, Hammer Bench Block Kit boasts lifetime warranty plus a 90-day risk-free, money-back guarantee, meaning that your purchase is completely risk-free. 




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