Multipurpose Needle File Set Files Tools | Small For Metal Sanding, Sanding, Jewelers, Hobby, Wood

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  • ✔ GET THE JOB DONE: This popular set is ideal for all delicate work, Comfortable rubber gripper handles, for easy gripping. For use on wood, plastic, and soft metals. They'll work on wood, plastic, ceramics, metal, glass and just about anything else.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR DELICATE WORK: These are for very small delicate jobs and light detailed sanding. Excellent for precise light work & fine accurate filing of metal parts.
  • ✔ QUALITY: Excellent quality and price files of varying sizes and shapes You can get into the smallest crevices.
  • ✔ SHAPES: Needle shape: 1 X Knife file, Half Round file, Dead-file, Oval file, Taper Flat file, Round file, Square file, Triangle file, Half-round file, Flat file
  • ✔ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: If for Any Reason You Are Unhappy with the Product We Will Refund You, No Questions Asked!

Product description

Dealing with:

  • Jewelry making?
  • 3D prints or plastic models?
  • Mold lines, carving or multiple hobbies?
  • Miniatures, guitars,  small object filing?


Get the job done with our popular mini needle files set that is perfect for all delicate work, smooth and shape almost anything, from wood, plastic, ceramics, metal, glass and just about anything else.

Our Complete Files Kit includes:

10 x Diamond Needle Files Set, Needle Shape:

  • 1X Knife file
  • 1X Half Round file
  • 1X Dead-file
  • 1X Oval file
  • 1X Taper flat file
  • 1X round file
  • 1X Square file
  • 1X Triangle file
  • 1X Half round file
  • 1X Flat file

Micro Cutter

Micro Soft Wire Cutter, Flush Cut, Nonslip hand grips provide comfort and control. Perfect to plastic model kits cutting and small objects, will match and complete the needle files.

** P.S.: We also included another bonus that we keep unrevealed for you as a surprise when you open the box, please keep us updated on what do you think.

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