Ring Sizer Measuring Tool Iron/Steel/Plastic Gauge Set With 3 Piece Jewelry Polishing Cloth

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  • ✔EASY TO USE: Easy to Read Size Chart on Ring Mandrel with Full and 1/2 Sizes, Usa Sizing and European, Ring Sizer Gauge 1-13 Including 1/2 Half Size Increments, Plastic Sizer: 1-17 and the Ring Mandrel 1-13. Non-rolling Ring Stick Design.
  • ✔EFFECTIVE: You Don't Have to Guess Your Ring Size Anymore, You Can Check Your Existing Your Ring Size on the Ring Mandrel or Measure Your Finger with the Plastic Multizer and Double Check the Size with the 27 Pcs Ring Sizer Guage
  • ✔BENEFITS: The Gaxcoo Ring Size Measuring Tool Kit Is the #1 in the Market - You'll Get 1 X Ring Sizer Mandrel; 1 X Ring Sizer Guage; 1 X Multisizer Plastic Measuring Tool; 3 X Polishing Cloth Now You Can Surprise with Gifts and Know They Will Fit.
  • ✔QUALITY: Excellent Workmanship and High Quality. Durable and Does Not Rust; Ring Mandrel - Aluminium; 27pcs Ring Sizer - Stainless Steel; Multisizer - Plastic; Cloth - Microfiber Fabric
  • ✔100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: If for Any Reason You Are Unhappy with the Product We Will Refund You, No Questions Asked!

Product description

A Very Easy and Simple Set of Products to Determine Your Ring Size

Pulling off a surprise proposal?
Need want to buy a ring as a gift?
Don't want to waste your time and go around jewelry stores getting your ring size?
Tired of this free online tools that don't measure your ring size accurately?


Our Complete Ring Size Measuring tools Kit includes:

1. Ring mandrel - if you have an existing ring and you want to determine the size just put it on the ring mandrel to know the exact size.
2. Ring gauges - 27 pieces metal tool. ring size increments are clearly marked on each ring, easy to use and measure your ring size correctly.
3. Multisizer ring sizer gauge for men, women & kids - works like a belt, measure for sizes 1-17 (USA sizes)
4. Three piece jewelry polishing cloth that cleans, shines and protects gold, silver and platinum jewelry.


Ring Mandrel:

  • Graduated ring mandrel.
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Ring gauge has 4 different countries size, included US sizes.
  • Grooved on one side to prevent chipped stones.
  • Practical, durable and does not rust

Multisizer Plastic Ring Sizer Gauge:

  • Easily measure your finger by reusable plastic gauge.
  • Measure for sizes 1-17 (USA standard), lightweight, durable and reusable plastic gauge.
  • Works like a belt that you adjust around the finger.

Ring Sizer Guage:

  • Easy to carry and use: come on a flexible cable with a screw connection so you can open it if needed, very easy to separate and carry.
  • Comfortable to wear: fine craft with round outside and flat inside, smooth face do not hurt your hands.

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