Wood Handle Rubber Mallet Hammer 5 Piece Set 8Oz, 16Oz & 32Oz Mallets Large, Small Lightweight & Durable, Camping Automotive Furniture Safety Glasses

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  • 【GET THE JOB DONE】- These Mallets Are Sturdy and Get the Job Done, Great for Assembling Furniture, Pounding in Tent Stakes, Metal Shelves Without Damaging the Finish, Pound Something Without Making a Dent.
  • 【WELL DONE】- Well Made and Have Works for the Various Tasks You’ll Use Them for, a Perfect Range of Sizes for a Good Price. Solid, Well Made, Quality Feel With a Nice Balance to It. Bonus: Built-in End Hook for Quickly Pulling Out Tent Stakes
  • 【HEAVY DUTY SET OF 4】- It’s Nice and Heavy and Does the Job. the Rubber Is Sturdy and All the Weight Is in the Rubber Head. Sturdy. Heavy Duty Quality. They’ll Take All the Abuse You’ve to Throw at Them.
  • 【SAFETY GLASSES INCLUDED】- Lightweight & Durable. Comfortable to Wear All-day Long in Rigorous Work Environments. Won’t Hurt Your Head Like the Other Generic Safety Glasses You Get at Work for Free.
  • 【DOUBLE-FACED SOFT MALLET】- Non-slip Rubber Handle Provides Solid Grip for Extra Control, Double-faced Soft Delivers Strike Without Damaging Small Parts or Finished Surfaces. Nonmarring Faces - Rubber and High Density Plastic.

Product description


5 Piece Rubber Mallet Set - Durable, Lightweight That Will Last For Long Time

Not Sure What Rubber Mallet Size to get?

Looking For Inexpensive But Good Quality Set Of Tools?

Need Really handy to have a great value Rubber Mallets?



3 Set Rubber Mallets

  • Come in different sizes: 32oz 16oz and 8oz
  • Built-in End Hook For Quickly Pulling Out Tent Stakes
  • Hardwood Handle is Durable and Easy to Hold
  • Perfect for DIY or Professional Use
  • Double-faced Solid Rubber Heads Deliver A Softened Positive Strike

Double-faced Soft Mallet

  • Non-Slip Rubber Handle Provides Solid Grip For Extra Control
  • Double-faced Soft Delivers Strike Without Damaging Small Parts Or Finished Surfaces.
  • Nonmarring faces - rubber and high density plastic

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