Wool Dryer Balls XL 6-Pack, Organic Softener Laundry Fabric, Anti Static, Reduce Drying Time, Wrinkles, Dry Quick, 100% New Zealand Wool

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🐑 【 NO MORE FABRIC SOFTENERS】 - You’ll Ask Yourself Where Have These Been All My Life? never ever buy dryer sheets again, just leave them in the dryer, no muss, no fuss.

🐑 【CUT YOUR DRYING TIME BY 29%】 - Get Rid Of The Dryer Sheets And Reduce Drying Time By At Least 20 Minutes. You Can Now Use The Low Heat Setting On Your Dryer And Get Your Clothes Dry Faster.

🐑 【VERY CUTE AND GOOD QUALITY】 - Heavy And Great Quality, No Lint, So Adorable Fun Colors And Design. This Is Superior to Dryer Sheets As It Absorbs Water And Keeps The Clothes From Twisting Together. Quality Product Made From 100% Natural New Zealand Wool.

🐑 【FREE BONUS - LINT REMOVER】 - Convenient And Easy To Use. Battery-Free. Hair Removal Expert - Without Leaving A Sticky Residue Behind. Great For Clothes And Furniture. Pure Copper Head, Ensures A Long Service Time.

🐑 【60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】 - We Believe in our product 100% so you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it simply contact us and your money back. GET YOURS TODAY.

    Product description


    • Looking To Cut Your Drying Time?
    • Want To Have Unwrinkled Laundry?
    • Hate Fabric Softeners?
    • Long-Lasting And Go Green?

    Look No Further. This Kit is it!

    Our Complete Wool Dryer Balls are Everything You Need:


    Wool Dryer Balls

    • 6 Balls Extra Large Size
    • Fun colors
    • Made From 100% Natural New Zealand Wool
    • Absorbs Water And Keeps The Clothes From Twisting Together
    • Reduce Drying Time By At Least 20 Minutes
    • Easy to use and long-lasting
    • Great for Family With Skin Allergies

    Lint Remover

    • Convenient And Easy To Use
    • Restores Your Clothes And Fabrics To A Fresh New Look
    • Battery-free: No More Batteries Wasted 
    • Eco-friendly: No Need For Sticky Tape Or Adhesive Paper

    It Worked for These People, and It Will Work for You

    “This is excellent. The wide head makes the task easier. I have used it on woollen jumpers and it's very effective.Would highly recommend it. I love it!.”

    ~ Joy A.

    It’s Your Time.

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